About Dianne

DCMThe author of Choose Happy: 25 Happiness Habits to Transform Your Life, Dianne  Morr learned how to be happy and is on a mission to share the best happiness building techniques with audiences everywhere.

Through a long journey of anxiety and depression, Dianne set out to find the best ways to bring happiness into her life. She became a keen student of happiness and Positive Psychology. She delved into the work of leaders in the Positive Psychology community including Martin Seligman, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ed Diener, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Dan Baker and others. She explored dozens of ways that had been proven to increase happiness and published the best ideas her book.

Dianne learned that happiness affects everything from health to career success to relationships. Her presentations teach ordinary and extraordinary people to claim the happiness they deserve and to share it with the important people in their lives. She continues to study, write and speak on Happiness at Work, Happiness for Mothers and Caregivers, and Sharing Happiness with Others.

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