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Not an Optimist? Not a Problem. You Can Still Be HappyI wasn’t a person who woke up each morning with a spring in my step or a song on my lips. I’d hear people complain about their glass being half empty and wail: “You got a glass?! I didn’t get a glass. No fair!” …Little by little I learned to move closer to that feeling of elation at the positive end of the happiness continuum.I learned about the happiness set point—our genetically determined natural level of happiness. The set point, combined with our circumstances, accounts for much of our happiness level; but the third happiness factor of depends on actions, attitudes and  habits over which we have control. So I set about improving the factors that I could…I invite you to dive into this book, try out the practices that appeal to you, and see what works. Then make those practices habits.I wrote this just for you.— from Choose Happy: 25 Happiness Habits to Transform Your LifePrice: $15.00 ($3.99 SH)
52-things-to-do-on-your-way-to-getting-happy Pick a Card — Any Card. Each card offers a quick tip for a little (or maybe a BIG) happiness booster to brighten your day. Pick a card each day to cultivate new happiness habits or share them with friends to start a happiness revolution. Find the tip that works best for you and repeat it as needed.Price: $7.00 ($1.99 SH)