Celebrate You!

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If you are like most people you were taught to be humble. Everybody’s mom seems to have delivered the same message: “Don’t brag. Don’t call attention to yourself.”  So most of us find it easier to notice the people around us and celebrate their talents, accomplishments, and victories. Here is some good news for those who can’t unlearn those early lessons. (Hi Mom. Sorry Kids.) It is possible to celebrate your own gifts and achievements without turning into an obnoxious braggart.

Ta-Da. Start with creating a Ta-Da list every day that you want to, (I would say every day, but I know that adding another “Should” to every day does more harm than good.) Check out this blog for details on a Ta-Da list.

Buddy up. I’ll bet you know at least one person—your best friend, spouse, parent, child, coach—who is thrilled to hear about and celebrate your victories. If you have any doubt about how welcome your news would be on an ongoing basis, just ask. You might arrange an agreement to be mutual celebrators for each other’s good news.

Give Yourself Credit. A lot of us overvalue things that other people seem to do effortlessly and undervalue things that come naturally to us. If you are like most people you may think that your are no big deal because what you do is easy. Surely those things are just easy for everyone, right? Wrong!

We all have unique and wonderful gifts that ought to be appreciated. While you are admiring your neighbor’s beautiful roses, she may be wishing she had your financial savvy. Gee, we might even be able to use our natural talents to help each other.

Be grateful. It’s extremely rare that your accomplishments occur without assistance from anyone else. Do you owe a debt of gratitude for inspiration, assistance, encouragement, instruction, connection, introduction. Acknowledge and express gratitude for your God-given talent and for any assistance that lead to your victories. Be sure to write them in your gratitude journal and express them directly to the people who encourage and support you.

Tell me. I will be happy to celebrate your successes with you! Enter your good news in the comments section and we will all give you a Woo Hoo!

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