Make Something Beautiful

Posted by Dianne on Mar 10, 2014 in Blog, Social Audiences | | Comments Off on Make Something Beautiful

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy flower arranging, woodworking, painting, or origami; making something beautiful feeds the soul.

Making something beautiful pays tremendous dividends for me. I don’t make crafts regularly, just when I’m on vacation or I need a lift. When I make a piece of jewelry or a floral arrangement, I enjoy the process as well as the product. I feel creative and satisfied. And I enjoy those feelings all over again whenever I look at my creation.
Keep in mind that making something beautiful is a very individual thing. When I shared this technique with Denise, a busy lawyer, she said, “Making a craft would feel like more pressure to me! When I want to unwind I would rather cook or bake something.”
 I am impressed to pieces that Denise bakes pies from scratch. I have never done that in my life and would be completely overwhelmed to try it.
When my daughter was growing up, she would sit down at the piano at stressful times and play for half an hour. That’s a talent she did not inherit from me, so trying to play piano would not relieve stress for me.
 So remember, making something beautiful is not only in the eye of the beholder; it could be in the nose, fingers, ears and taste buds!

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