Happiness Is Contagious – Become a Carrier

No matter how happy you are today, science has proven that you can improve your happiness level. Dianne Morr presents a program teaching habits that can be cultivated to make you happier on a daily basis. “Happiness is Contagious” is based on Dianne’s book Choose Happy, 25 Happiness Habits to Transform Your Life. This program is appropriate for businesses, associations, and community and social organizations. Depending on the interests and needs of the audience, Dianne teaches specific easy practices you can incorporate into your life. She has personally tested dozens of techniques for increasing happiness and speaks from experience.

People in all walks of life face overwhelming stresses and financial pressures that tend to decrease their sense of well being. This program presents an antidote in the form of a fun interactive experience that also delivers solid learning about free enjoyable activities that scientific studies have proven to make people happier and less stressed. Once you have shored up your own happiness, you will find it almost effortless to spread that good feeling with those around you.

This presentation is illustrated with slides of colorful photos and whimsical line drawings. Audience interaction and spontaneous humor provides laughter and an upbeat atmosphere.


Ice the Burnout

If you are alive and awake, you have stress. If you deal with the public, you are meeting with stressed out people every day. Have you noticed they get cranky? Dianne Morr’s “Ice the Burnout” program takes a look at the situations and conflicting demands that bring stress into everyone’s daily lives.

* Rocky economic climate? Check!
* Increased demands to be more productive at work? Check!
* Loved ones you want to nurture and support? Check!
* Time for yourself? What?!
* Stress? You bet!

Dianne has faced them all. With warmth, understanding, and gentle humor, she can show you the way to subtract some stress and add some happiness to achieve more balance in your life. Sharing her own stories she teaches healthy, practical steps to start enjoying life in the now. Dianne’s “Ice the Burnout” program provides a new twist on combating stress before it turns into burnout.

Based on techniques scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase happiness, this presentation includes easy practices you will want to add to your daily life. Her interactive program reinforces your resiliency, helps identify your most effective stress busters, and emphasizes the importance of self-care to increase satisfaction in your work and your life. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to claim the happiness you deserve and share it with the important people in your life.


Volunteers Bring the Happy

Your volunteers have greeted visitors, welcomed guests, given directions, poured coffee, staffed the gift shop, and represented you when you couldn’t be everywhere. You want to thank them, celebrate their contributions, and give them something in return. How about giving them some happiness?

Dianne Morr’s program, “Volunteers Bring the Happy,” will give volunteers a chance to laugh, learn and get involved in activities proven to increase happiness. Grounded in proven practices that happy people use, this presentation includes stories and examples of fun and easy techniques to be happier every day. Dianne’s heartfelt style and gentle humor invites audience interaction and sharing.

You might also want to take advantage of a deep discount on copies of Dianne’s book, Choose Happy, 25 Happiness Habits to Transform Your Life and present each volunteer with a copy.

Get Happy At Work And Prepare to Soar

In this interactive presentation, Dianne Morr reveals the important connection between happiness, career advancement, and successful businesses. Studies show that happy people reach their goals faster, receive superior performance reviews, and earn more money. Happy people at every level also add to the company bottom line. Studies suggest that, unfortunately, only about 30% of Americans are truly engaged with their jobs. It’s clear that about 70% of Americans in the workplace need a boost to their happiness level for their own benefit and that of the American business.

When you “Get Happy at Work” you become more valuable to your company, whether your company includes thousands of employees or just you. In this lively program, happiness expert Dianne Morr presents simple strategies to increase your happiness at work. After this program, you will find yourself more aware of the opportunities to bring more happiness into your life and to reconnect with your passion for your career.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a happier, more productive atmosphere
  • Position yourself for raises and promotions
  • Start and end every day happy

Dianne takes a light-hearted approach combined with solid content. Audience interaction is invited and slides of appropriate photos and line drawings provide illustration and levity.


Moms Make Happy Happen

How happy is a mom? Some are happier than others, but there are times when happiness seems far away for everyone. Dianne Morr’s program takes a look at what stands between moms and happiness.

  • Sleep deprivation? Check!
  • Conflicting responsibilities? Check!
  • Anxiety? Check!
  • Depression? Check!

Dianne has faced them all. With warmth, understanding and gentle humor, she can show other moms the way back to happiness, no matter how far away that seems right now.

Sharing her own stories of how she got around the obstacles to happiness, including depression, and got on with her life; she teaches healthy, practical steps to enjoying life in the now. Having learned behaviors proven to increase happiness, she shares those practices and helps moms reclaimed their happiness and share it with their families and friends.