What Meeting Planners Say…

If you are looking for a speaker, I recommend Dianne Morr, who I had the pleasure to hear present on the topic “Happy Women Rock the World” at the Women’s Toolbox Conference. Dianne has great energy, connects well with her audience and shares valuable tips that would resonate with any group. And there’s something else.  As someone in the association business who has planned hundreds of events, I know that the ability to create memorable moments is what often makes a meeting. Part of her talk included a demonstration of how to turn daily ToDos into TaDas! that can be celebrated all week long.  She had the audience on their feet and smiling, and left them with a lot to think about. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to have a personal conversation about hiring Dianne to speak at your next event.

                            Anne Doherty Johnson
ADJ Association Management & Marketing, Boston, MA


It was a pleasure to meet you last night! And your presentation was great! The people who filled out evaluation forms ranked you as “excellent!” Your enthusiasm for your subject is contagious and all the personal examples you use and your suggestions are practical, everyday things we can do!

And I was so pleased to see all of the participants joining in and sharing their ideas! I love it when a speaker can engage the audience in such a way.

Kay Kohut
Public Relations and Program Coordinator
Woodridge, IL Library

Your program was delightful! I have already heard some great compliments on how people enjoyed your program.

Carol Kennedy
Good Samaritan Hospital Auxiliary Vice President,
Downers Grove, IL


I would highly recommend Dianne Morr as a speaker for your group. She effectively communicated simple ways to put a smile on your face…She provided our group of counselors with strategies to build on simple indulgences each day. Our counselors will use her techniques with students in small groups and continue the pursuit of stopping worry in its tracks.

Karen McDillon
Catapult Learning Counselor Supervisor
Chicago, IL

Dianne gave a great presentation filled with clear easy pointers for bringing more happiness into our lives. She was perfect for our Bartlett Women’s Club.

Rita Lopienski
President Bartlett Women’s Club

Bartlett Illinois

Dianne Morr’s “Moms Make Happy Happen” presentation was a fantastic finale to our MOPS year. Dianne addressed several hot topics through helpful tips and funny anecdotes regarding stress, carving out personal time as moms, and finding enough hours in the day to get everything done and still sleep. What a delight!

Gillian Marchenko
Roscoe Village MOPS Coordinator
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for the presentation last night.  The residents truly enjoyed you and your ideas.  One commented as she was leaving “great topic and great presenter” and another said “the ideas were presented in such a new way that I just want to go and start writing everything down now.” I appreciate your coming out and making a difference for our residents.

Ann Regan
Clare Oaks Community Life Coordinator
Bartlett, IL


What Audiences Say…

Dianne had the whole crowd on their feet. We were happy and excited listening to her. Our whole group loved the Ta-Da celebration and repeated it every chance we could during the conference! Thanks Dianne for bringing Happy to us! ~  Kathy Garland

Your presentation was exactly what I needed. ~ Sue Franken

I really enjoyed the interaction between the speaker and the group tonight. ~ Kim C.

Made me feel uplifted as I listened to your presentation. ~ Rita Sisko

Lots of fun. The sessions was lively, people laughed and bonded. Thanks, Dianne ~Paul Carpenter

Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!! Great reminders of the small things that make us happy! ~Susie Smith

I liked the fact that everything related to what is happening now in my life.  ~ Jackie Conner

Dianne, you gave a wonderful presentation; it was uplifting, filled with good tips, and it made me smile! ~ Gayle Heldmann

Thank you for your candidness and presentation. I found it very enjoyable and informative. ~ Kari

I really enjoyed your seminar. Great ideas and very easy to do!  ~ Sue Fenoglio

Engaging, Uplifting, Sincere  ~ Kathleen Malik

Your bright and cheerful smile added to your informed and delightful presentation.  ~ Loretta Bopp

Easy listening talk  ~ Herb Pfister

Thanks for your talk – we needed it.  ~ Allan Meyer

I liked the idea of naming three good things in your life. I love when my heart is filled after I gratefully pray and name three things  ~ Pennie Knaperek

Enjoyed talking about and will try a daily grateful journal   ~ Jan Bedore-Nowacki

I enjoyed hearing about small indulgences. I am going to actively look to do this. I also enjoyed hearing about positive psychology and prayer. I will try to write one positive thing each day.
~ Miriam Galvan

I felt like you were talking directly to me. I think my lack of sleep is starting to affect whether I have a good day or not. Thanks for the easy tips to try. ~ a sleepy mom who forgot to sign her name

Continue this excellent presentation on happiness. We need more happiness in the world.
~ Rosalie Scimera

Great presentation. Laughter and happiness are important in life.  ~ Dolores Donaccorso

Thank you for reminding me that I need to add my name to the list of list of people I try to make happy. ~ Maria DeGannes

Very down to earth recommendations about happiness!!  ~ Care Herpich

Liked your tip to always know you are not alone.  ~ Samantha Beakley

Encouraging. I think as moms, we don’t always take time for ourselves.  ~ Caryn DuBois

Live it now! I enjoyed your presentation today.  ~ Peter G . Poulos

Very good ideas that I never thought about before. Very informative.  ~ Darlene Aulenta

I am happier already. Thanks for the great ideas. ~ Teresa Triplett    

Good show. Loved the part about gratitude.   ~ John Norman

A good way to start some positive thinking for the new year.    ~ Janis Janek

Dianne was a great reminder of our worth, armed with practical and easy steps to brighten a day – or a lifetime.   ~ Laurie Nowak

Simple ideas but things you always think to try. ~Mary LouPehlke