Three Ways You Tube Can Make You Happy

Posted by Dianne on Mar 21, 2014 in Blog, Social Audiences | Tags:, | Comments Off on Three Ways You Tube Can Make You Happy

In my ongoing search for ways to bring more happiness into our lives, I have added another tool to the toolbox: You Tube. Here are three ways that You Tube can give you a quick happiness boost.

  1. Find your favorite upbeat song and take a dance break. Pete Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll works for me. What song becomes an irresistible call for you to dance?
  2. Singing has been shown in multiple studies to raise our happiness levels. If you need a little help to remember the words or carry the tune, You Tube is the answer. Sing along with the artist of your choice.
  3. You Tube can provide an endless supply of laughs. You can find anything from pratfalls to stand-up comedians to my favorite: laughing babies. Click on quads laughing and I’m sure you will find yourself laughing, too.

When you find a few posts on You Tube that make you happy, please write a comment and share it. Making others happy is another sure way to increase your own happiness.

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