What Do You Do with Your Pennies?

Posted by Dianne on Mar 12, 2014 in Blog, Social Audiences | Tags:, , | Comments Off on What Do You Do with Your Pennies?

Do you have a jar or box or piggybank that you toss your change into at the end of the day? My unscientific survey of random friends finds 117% said yes. When asked if they had a plan for that money, 105% said yes to that, too. When my kids were little I would let the change accumulate for a whole year. Then we would cash it in at the bank and hand over the resulting dollars to the kids for their Christmas shopping.

Here is what my random friends plan to do their saved change:

  • 45% for college tuition for kids or grandchildren
  • 13% for special change collection at church
  • 56% for vacation
  • 24% for dream home

Those people have a lot more patience or a lot more change than I do.

  • 10% (that would be me) now save for frivolous emergencies.

What is a frivolous emergency you might ask. Obviously not things like paying the mortgage or replacing the brakes on the car you are hoping to coax another year out of. I am talking about the kind of emergency when you just have to have a bunch of daisies to get you through a gloomy day.

My latest emergency was a manicure that wasn’t in the budget. Another time it was a book I noticed during an Artist Date in my favorite bookstore.

What frivolous emergence might you solve with the change in your jar?

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